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Web Development - Database Driven Websites
For us, the phrase “database driven website” translates into “all the possibilities” that we can offer our clients. Let’s explain it this way:

A traditional website tends to lock information together, presenting it the same way over and over. You are limited in the way you convey your message, market your product or build your image. Your users are limited in the way they can get information from your site. You can’t select individual parts. You can’t regroup or compare. You can’t break the chain.

A database driven website stores and presents information to meet the needs of the individual user -- including you. The database manages the bits of information so you can choose, compare, couple and related them to each other.

Why is this so powerful ?

Complex things are made simple
Visitors find information, products and services tailored for them
You can generate collections of information based on your needs at that moment
Changes in the information selection and format can be made in seconds
Information can be instantly updated in hundreds of places with just a single input

You get the idea: Your message becomes customized. Your products become accessible. Your community of users becomes engaged. Your website works for you.

inorama builds database driven websites that release the full power of Internet communication. 

Just as popular sites around the Internet like Yahoo! And Amazon.com and all the major news sites use databases, inorama has created hundreds of database driven solutions for our clients. Some examples of the kinds of sites we’ve created:

web-based community content system
online shopping cart / e-commerce software
website news and press release management tools
employment opportunities posting system
extranet / group collaboration website software
complex user feedback forms
user comment posting system
web-based database management software