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Full content management. inorama allows you to manage any kind of web content, including text, graphics, multimedia (audio and video), on-line catalogs, news articles, FAQs, and more.

Security features: inorama provides a multi-user environment that supports 128-bit password hashes, permission tables, and security logging.

Reduced costs: Since you are the managing the content of your web site, you can easily add, remove, and modify content by yourself, and only ask for professional help when professional help is really needed (e.g. when adding new design or software features).
Complete separation of the roles of the site manager (you), and the site designer / developer (us). You spend time managing your site's content, not struggling with design and technical issues.

Multiple ways to communicate with your users via your web page. This includes feedback forms, appointment scheduling, and mass e-mail newsletters.

Scalability: You get the ability to deploy your web site on a dedicated web server, or even on a server farm, as your needs for more bandwidth and security increase.